jeudi 28 juin 2007

L`Hiver Nage

Well . . . it is the rainy season here in Burkina or locally known as L'Hiver Nage becasue when it rains it gets really delightfully refreshingly cold. And by cold i mean 75 or 80. My entire definition of hot has completely changed. The low 90s are toally comfortable and 80 is freezing cold. So, every couple of days we get a good rain -- and by a good rain I mean thunder and lightning for 12 hours. This poses a few interesting issues. Firstly -- there really isnt any grass so rain and dirt just become mud. Mud is really interesting to ride your bike in. And really its not just mud but a certain latrine smell that kinda complements the red dirt and covers your bike in all kinds of fun. I love the thunder and lightning -- it gets so cool at night and if I close me eyes it fells like i am in arkansas. The craziest part of the rainy season isnt the rain but the gale force dust cloud that swallows you whole just before the rain hits. I was on my bike riding to class when the dust cloud ate me alive. The whole sky just becomes orange with dust and its hard to see becasue the wind is blowing all of it right in your face. Usually these storms come at night and i just listen to the doors shake. Even under my mosquito net, inside my house, with my one window i can taste all the dust in the air. Its really crazy. Life in Burkina is always interesting. Some things are easy to adjust to (like bucket showers) and others not (like the absence of privacy). Flat tires on my bike always ruin my day but a good storm at night always sets me right.

5 commentaires:

hhedges4 a dit…

What an adventurous Peanut you are!!!
I wish I had the kahonies to do that when I was your age!!

Anonyme a dit…

I am proud of you. It sounds like most things are great (excluding privacy). How are the people in your group?

Paul Tackett a dit…

Wow Becca, it sounds like you are adjusting well to such a different place. I really enjoy reading your blogs. They read like a good book. I'm really proud of you, and I hope that maybe next summer if Jess and I are in Europe we can meet up either in Africa or somewhere else convenient for you. Good luck.
- Timmy

Molly a dit…

Does that translate to "Winter Swim?" I think that's the best name for a season I've ever heard. I'm calling all my freinds 'nasara' and touching their arms. Except for Robert, who now looks like a black man when he's wearing clothes. He doesn't wear sunscreen when he's at his landscaping job.

Sue a dit…

I've denounced toilet paper from now on. I shall use mom's tea kettle and my left hand from now on. On the flip side, I've singed my ass hair. woops