jeudi 6 septembre 2007

How Did I Get Here?

Well, yes . . . obviously by plane (actually people ask me that alot - how does one get to africa from the us?) But what im really marvelling at is all the things i do everyday that i would never have expected i could or would. I remember once about 6 months ago I was reading a personal testimony on the peace corps website about Burkina Faso. The woman was talking about how she has to pick bugs out of her rice before she cooks it etc. and how she lives in a hut. It made me cry - I though what in the world do i think i am doing? Bugs in my food? I dont DO that! But now, i DO do that. And you know what? It is not a big deal at all. I love my tiny hut/house (i have a metal roof so it is not really a hut). I take transport alone and can manage just fine. Sometimes I even find myself speaking french or understanding french without having to think first. I make Burkina-ism's all the time just naturally. Cool.

Where I live is on the outskirts of town. There is a main road that runs right thru Tougouri and i live off of a foot path off of the main road. The walk from the main road to my house is about 6 or 7 minutes long and it is glorious! It is a narrow dirt/mud path that winds through squat baobabs, portly straw thatched huts, corn, sorghum, millet. There are herds of animals, the resevoir off in the distance, tall fluffy clouds with broad flat bottoms as far as you can see. Women with babies on their backs and buckets of water on their heads. How did i get here? It just fills me with joy - I almost shout "THIS IS SO COOL!!!!" I cant believe this is my life. How cool am I?

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hhedges4 a dit…

You ARE the coolest. I can say that with great authority because I (well, actually, it was Cindy's influence more than mine) have raised the 3 coolest kids on the face of the planet. I feel sorry for all those other "parents", who think their kids are the coolest. How can they operate with such an obvious misconception?

Molly a dit…

You may ask yourself "How do I work this?" And you may ask yourself "Where does that highway go to?" You may ask yourself "Am I right? Am I wrong?" And you may say to yourself, "My God! What have I done?!"

fifi a dit…

and by "3 coolest kids" dr. hal obviously means "3 of the 5 coolest kids." guess who the other 2 are