samedi 6 octobre 2007

Running Water

In America, if you need water you go to the tap and fill up a glass. You step into the shower and turn some knobs. You load a dishwasher or washing machine and push some buttons. Eureka!In America, there is the luxury of running water. In Africa, its not quite so easy. The good pump nearest my house is about a five minute walk away. I dont know if you remember or not but water is really freakin heavy. really. So, i pay a neighbor to get water for me. All functionaires (people with government jobs like teachers) pay kids to do stuff for them like their laundry, fetch their water, do their dishes etc. So, I pay Bienvenue, a 13yr old boy who lives in my courtyard, to bring me water. Bienvenue straps jugs to his bike and goes off to the pump returning 20 minutes later with my water. Thus, i have running water too only mine comes to my home on a bike.
I must say it is astounding to see the women at the pump. Fetching water is for the most part a job of the women of a household. They fill up a 5 gallon jug with a hand cranked pump which is work in istelf. Then, they lift the full 40-50 pound jug of water, balance it on their heads, and walk several kilometers home. Wow. And I think my life is hard?

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Molly a dit…

Wow. Why is the kid's name "Welcome?" Do the women talk trash at the pump, or gossip? Sounds like fun to me. I can say that, because I'm sitting here typing on my computer.

Mom a dit…

I think Molly's comments are funny.
But I can say that 'cause I'm her Mom.

Sue a dit…

Male Horse Woman,
I think you got the shaft. My Forestry professor's name was Zali. I don't remember what it means. Maybe "Ugly Lesbian", in which case that would be worse than yours. When I go to Africa, they will call me "Handsome Hot Man", and I'll be a celebrity. Seriously, the job I'll request when I apply to Peace Corps will be "hot celebrity". I am overqualified really. Anyway, YAY BOO BOO, she writes these entries real purty. I do enjoy them, and I'm filling up a plastic bag full of whiskey right now because I'm writing a paper.

Sue a dit…
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