vendredi 7 décembre 2007

It's me, Eloise

There is a new addition to my family of termites, spiders, and geckos.

Thats her. Eloise. Those are my bed sheets. They have green apples on them and say Merry Christmas. I don't know why. Africa has taught me to quit asking why.

Isn't she cute!!! Awww!! I'm quite smitten.

Don't worry Nana, i have good stuff to feed her and she's had a rabies shot. I'm going to try to get her spayed or she'll get knocked up by some ruffian en brousse.

3 commentaires:

boo boo bear a dit…

Aww Becks your kitten is sooo cute!!! I hope that when I find myself in some little village in SSA or SE Asia I have a little cat to cuddle with. Anyway, I love your blog (who knew the little girl who peed in her pants in kindergarten was such an eloquent writer). Hope you're safe and happy!!

boo boo bear a dit…

Ok don't know where boo boo bear came from, but it's sarah the "other hedges" if you couldn't figure it out (now I have to figure out how to change that)

Molly a dit…

You peed your pants in kindergarten? That's EMBARRASSING!!!! GOOIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!