mercredi 2 janvier 2008


Ghana rocks. They speak english there and the scenery is amazing. You should all think about going for your next vacation. This is just a brief summary of my trip to Ghana. Actually, there are three posts about the trip but this one is all-encompasing. Don't forget to check out my pictures. The link is on the left.

I went with three boys: Clay LaPoint (his blog link is on my blog page - i reccomend it, he's a great writer), Adlai Mast, and Mac Wisdom (his blog link is also on my page). Going from Ouaga on a volunteers budget meant, however, that i took a 20 hour bus ride to go from Ouaga to Takoradi (it's like going from Little Rock to Dallas). Whatever Africa! Takoradi is a really cute beach town - you know, cute for west africa. Most buildings were two-story, the bank was air-conditioned, all the buildings were painted bright colors etc. We just stopped there for an afternoon and ate our first Ghanaian local food and I got my Christmas present from the Western Union. Thanks Dad! From there we made our way to Ezile Bay.

When we arrived in the village of Ezile Bay - because that's what it was, a village (they didn't even have street food to buy) we had to hike to the resort. That was really amazing. There were mountains, colorful huts, wooden canoes, happy well-fed children, and pristine beach. Everything is cuter in Ghana: the poor villages, the goats, the dogs, everything! We only stayed there one night and then we moved on down the beach a little bit to Busua.

Busua Beach is . . . one of the best places in the world! We stayed at Dadsen's Inn and it was perfect. We had a huge room with a porch. That's where we celebrated Christmas. Our Christmas celebration was tons of fun but uneventful. We sat out on the porch and danced around, listened to music, took tons of pictures, and then went to the restaurant and ate tasty food. While at Busua Beach we frequented the Black Star Surf Shop and made friends with its lovely patron Charlotte. We ate fish burritos, Red Red, Jollof Rice, so much awesome food. The fish was so fresh and they have veggies there! It was heaven! Ghana!!!!!

We just sat around on the beach for the most part. Except one day we went to Butri Beach which was just down the beach from Busua. Our friend who worked at the Inn we were staying at knew a guy who would take us down the Butri River. So we climbed in a hollwed-out log/canoe and paddled down the river. It was pretty neat. We were surrounded by mountains and mangrove forest on either side - which is pretty cool if you are a bio nerd like me. There were beautiful birds and mudskippers and crabs. Then, when we were turning around the guy asked if we wanted to see where he makes palm wine. "Hell yes we want to see that!" I felt like Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart as we pulled over to a hole in the mangrove forest and followed a jungle path to the guys palm wine factory. It was pretty cool. They just take the phloem out of the palm tree and ferment it in barrels. The guy also takes the palm wine and distills it into a liquor that tastes like PGA. Yuk. I had a sip and lost a substantial portion of my brain cells. I'll never get 'em back. That was all we did in Busua and Butri because we spent the second part of our trip hiking and sitting on tro-tros.

Okey dokey . . . where to next? Wli Falls outside Hohoe. What a spectacular sight. Look at the pictures. It was essentially a one and a half hour vertical hike. It kicked my ass but it was sooo worth it. Those glasses you see me wearing in the pictures are Adlai's second pair because i lost mine in the ocean trying to kayak out to an island. That's why you bring a back-up pair. I look like a lesbian.

The next day we hiked Ghana's tallest mountain. It was actually a pretty easy hike compared to the Wli falls hike. I was the tallest woman in an entire country for about 30 minutes. That is a first and last for my five foot two inch frame.

The next day, I fed monkeys. They were swo cute! And that was the end of our trip. I am tired of writing now. So I will stop. Look at my oics. They will say it all.

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Anonyme a dit…

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P.S. Here's some blogs & videos
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Sue a dit…

Heeeyyy Sister. So my Christmas sucks huge ass compared to yours. I went to the West family cabin for a day... That was my trip for the break. You went to a place you'll probably never forget for your whole life. Yeah, thanks a lot. I liked the pictures, but I don't recognize you anymore. Don't worry though, by the time you read this, my beard will be gone. Bye sister!

hhedges4 a dit…

Wow!! What an adventure! I wish I was a kid (excuse me, young adult) again!!! You make me a proud (and envious) Poop C.

Jackie a dit…

hey boo... you may not believe me... but I may be jealous of your unique trip. also... I've never seen you so tan you pirate hooker!

Molly a dit…

I just want to back soo soo up on what he said about Christmas sucking for him. By the way, he went to the West family cabin in lieu of going to see the greatest performance of his whole damn life or anyone else's- you know what I'm talking about. That's right. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Turns out they're from Brooklyn? I guess that's like Russia.

Burkina Connection a dit…
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Burkina Connection a dit…

(ooops...wrong link in original post)
As a member of Friends of Burkina Faso, I'm reaching out to all current PCVs in Burkina right now. We are trying to win "America's Giving Challenge" and we need your help. I'm hoping that you'll have internet access soon and that you'll be willing to upload the widget from the project website onto your blog. Help spread the word so that this project wins an additional $50,000! Merci.

Ron a dit…

if you are still in contact with adlai, can you tell him ron ilesco says hello and hope all is well.


Hello Miss Rebecca, have you seen Miss Molly's wedding pictures yet?
They are awesome.
We certainley enjoyed your brief but wonderful visit. I am looking forwsrd to the day when we can set down & I can hear all of the juicy stories of your AFRICAN adventure.
Would love to be a mouse in the corner some day when you tell your kids about your trials & tribulations in the wilds of Africa.
My cup runneth over with pride.
Much Love & great affection. jja