samedi 29 novembre 2008

November down . . . 8 more months to go

Just two pilgrims giving thanks.

This is a mosque in Bani 40 kilometers north of me. There are about 6 mosques, one of which faces Mecca and the other five are centered around and facing that first mosque. Bizzare.

This is Dori where we celebrated Tday this year. Its sandy. Really sandy. My village is about 65 kilometers south.

This lady was trying to see me some kind of mystery grease ball. No thank you mam. Wend na lok raaga!!

This is the Thanksgiving day party. A bunch of volunteers gathered in Dori. We had chicken, grilled pork, salad, stir fried veggies, mashed taters, and rice ans peanut sauce. It was very tasty. I made hats. As you can see. What?? I get bored in my village.

That is little Aida Rebecca Zongo. She is one month old and so precious!! And peeing on me in the course of this picture. She is Karim Zongo's first child (he's an english teacher at my school). My life is full of babies. Later this same day Salmad pooped on my foot.

The kittens have gotten bigger and will be going to their respective families in a few weeks. Geez! They are cute and entertaining. The mostly black one is the little girl "Petite" and the mostly white is the boy "Petit." Petit will be living with the Ouedraogo family 4 doors down and Petite is going to live with two students, the Kafandos. I am 95% sure that they wont be eaten by their families.

The school year is in full swing now. I have papers and more and more papers to grade. See the stacks upon stacks on my desk. It drives me to the drink - 100 percent alcohol for me and a 50 percent average for my students.

4 commentaires:

Molly a dit…

I thought so! I knew it! YOU stole one of MY shirts and took it with you to Africa!

H3 a dit…

Beautiful hats, Becs! I wish I'd been there to wear one. =( I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. I miss Dori parties! (PS. Congrats to Zongo. Aida's gorgeous.)

MEP a dit…

1. Did they name the baby "Rebecca" after you?
2. Are those camo pilgrim hats? So American.
3. You ate cute, fuzzy little caterpillars?!?!

Jessica a dit…

I have to tell Allison about drinking while grading papers. You should have heard her complain about grading at Thanksgiving (the drinking might help). I also wish that my Thanksgiving had included stylish hats.

On a separate note, you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture with the baby. I miss your gorgeous face!!! (I am sorry to hear about the poop, though.)