mardi 2 juin 2009

Goodbye Party

The high school threw me a party to say goodbye and thanks. I forced everyone to take a picture with me:

Me and the Principle and his wife (left) and her sister (back)

Mariame the secretary. She is one of my neighbors and she loves to agitate and aggrivate me.

Salmad, Mariames baby and frequent guest on the blog and indoor pooper

Diallo and little Saidou are my favorites. Saidou smiles all the time and Diallo explains everything to me when I dont understand which is often

Giatin, one of the english teachers. he loves to make me mad by telling me women have rights in Burkina and then I get all huffy and start lecturing him on the plight of the african woman

They're presenting me with my gift. They gave me a "tradtitional" Burkinabe outfit. The one I have on in this picture is typical of contemporary african clothes.

Im at the big kids table. Burkinabe are really into protocol so the most important people are always seated front and center and by themselves. So, Im with the Mayor, Prefect, and the Principal.

Sodray, the other english teacher. he moved into my old Jesus dirt house. He's a bit drunk already . . .

Yelkouni is also a bit drunk already and he really likes to dance Dance DANCE!

Ok. Pierre is like the school gopher, he does odd jobs and he and I are making sad faces because . . . well . . . its a long story that would take more cultural explanation than i feel like getting into. I will spare you.

Bazie, chem/physics teacher and i like talking to him because he is very smart and makes interesting observations about development in Burkina

Bado, history/geography teacher. He is very short like me and he talks in a really low voice but then makes these really high pitch squel noises that make me laugh . And he's a snappy dancer

Bonane, philosophy teacher. He has a really big vocabulary and talking to him is like talking to Robert my brother-in-law but in French so i understand even less. And yes, philosophy is part of the educative program for the higher grades but really its also religion, psychology, politics ect all that stuff

Dipama, math and biology teacher and the school clown. He is always talking and developing new catch phrases that are infectious and you find yourself talking like him. He is up to noooo good.

Konate, math and biology teacher and long time neighbor and good good friend. She is very sweet and patient and I'd be screwed (oh no Jay bird the S word!) without her

The Serveillant, he is in charge of discipline and he is VERY drunk in this picture as it was also a market day and theerefore a day for sampling the dolo beer

Sawadogo, math teacher. Those little feet you see sticking out from behind her back belong to her baby boy Alverique

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