jeudi 5 juillet 2007


Tougouri - Where the hell is that? Many of you had never even heard of Burkina Faso much less the small town of Tougouri. Get used to the name now -- it is my future home. I found out yesterday what my site would be and I am very happy with the result. It is located in the south part of the north of Burkina Faso. It makes a triangle with Ouagadougou and Ouhigouya -- two of the largest cities. So not quite sahel but pretty close. Here are some stats

population 6000
its on a paved road which is huge deal
it has a decent marche
the lycee has 900 students
there is already another PC volunteer living there
I have 4 other volunteers from my stage living nearby
I will have my own house and my own courtyard
There is no electricity -- of course
The nearest cyber cafe is about an hour or two bus ride from Tougouri

All in all I am very pleased. They asked me what my one wish would be for my site and it was proximity to other volunteers -- and I definately got that. It is not very green and when the Harmattan picks up Ill have some good stories for yall. This is the very first peice od real estate that i will be able to call my own. Ill be given some money to furnish it etc. and I hope to plant a garden because otherwise veggies are difficult to come by.

Next week I will be travelling there to see my site and meet the school principal (my new boss). Ill get to see my house and the school Ill be teaching in . . . I am nervous about it but excited. I really am a Burkinabé now. So, go find it on a map and start planning your trip.

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hhedges4 a dit…

oooohh! Rebecca Hedges Peace Corps real estate magnate!

So I need a vocabulary lesson:

1) what is a marche? French dictionary says it means "go". WTF?
2) lycee, I think, is school
3) Harmattan? Is that the rainy season? They usually don't give seasons monikers, though. Maybe desert wind? Like Scirroco?

Hey, new nickname:

"Burkinabe Becca"

Peace Babe,
Poop C

Patti Hedges a dit…

Becca, thanks for the update, and Hal, thanks for asking the obvious. I never heard of a marche or a lycee, or a Harmattan either. But I liked your guesses. How did the nickname Poop C ever come about?
Back to you, Becca. Does this mean we won't be hearing from you as often, with the cyber world being an hour away? I hope you won't stop blogging. I look forward to your blogs immensely!!
We are going to miss you today. We are all going to Lake Hamilton to Jon and Janet's lake house for Harry's birthday celebration. Won't be the same without you. I remember the picture I have of you on their boat from last year, I believe, where you are turning up a beer. I have to admit it threw me off my feet. How can you have grown up so fast??? And now you're half way around the world, changing the world!! Where did the time go??
Please blog or email me your actual mailing address, when you know it. Gotta go for now. Love you, Aunt Patti

Sue a dit…

Tougouri eh? My primary request in terms of picking a town would have been hot babes and hoppin' club parties. But you know, I'm just that kind of person. You are the kind of person who is a nerd loser. Love you boo boo!